Creative Arts / Skills
  1. Finger Painting
    Finger Painting
  2. Dancing
  3. Painting
  4. kindermusik
  5. Let's Pretend Play
    Let's Pretend Play
  6. Creative Expression
    Creative Expression





Annelle Woggon is a NC Certified Art Teacher

Annelle has taught children  of all ages art for over 25 years in the public schools and private lessons. Check out "Annelle's Original Art Lessons" on Facebook! She is always coming up with new and creative ways to look at a situatioin, a problem, a blank piece of paper, or a sand box. Art is all around us everyday and she teaches the children to be creative in everthing they do, to make choices for themselves, not follow a set rule or curriculum.
She engages the children in all forms of art, music, dance, and drama.

Art:  clay, playdough, sand, sculptural sand, fingerpaint, painting, watercolor, glitter art, drawing with lots of different media and multi- media and fiber arts.

Music:  listening to all kinds of different types of music throughout the day inside and outside. Playing different musical instruments, singing, marching in a parade, and going to Kindermusik classes.

Dance:  movement to all the different music listened to helps body awareness and gross and fine motor skills develop. Story time at the library and Kindermusik classes really help with engagement.

Drama:  "Let's Pretend" is one of Annelle's favorite games and it really shows with the attention of the children. They love the puppets and putting on a show or simply using their imaginations in every environment they are in by making up stories and pretending to be animals or characters.  It can be as simple as hide and seek and peek-a-boo, which is always a big hit!

Annelle's Original Art Lessons
Afterschool Care for 
School Age Children
Annelle can pick up your child at school or they could ride the bus to Creative Care depending on the other children's needs that Annelle will be caring for that day.  Annelle has tutored many children in the past in basic math and reading skills and homeschooled her own children through Elementary school.  Of course there is ART, ART, ART! Annelle has over 25 years of art teaching experience and would love nothing better than to spend the afternoon creating art with your children.  Free outside play time is a must for growing bodies and Annelle has a perfect 1 acre safe yard with lots of flat play areas and gentle rolling hills. Children of all ages need each other to develpe important skills such as empathy,cooperation and learning to be considerate of others needs.  This is especially important for only children to be around others of differnt ages.