Family Child Care Home

Small Intimate Family Setting 
 Annelle and Kenneth’s home has a dedicated suite of play room, nap/bedroom,
art studio, private bathroom and 3 outside play yard areas
 in  Waynesville, NC. 


Annelle Woggon 

Annelle has a deep love and respect for children.  They are the spark which ignites her energy and enthusiam! She has an intuition when it comes to children.  She watches their body language and behavior closely and can tell what they need and want even when they are unable to communicate it to her.  Annelle is an excellent cook and prepares food for the children and her family from whole foods daily.

“I would love the opportunity to care for your loved one.  I will treat them with love, respect and devotion.”
Annelle Woggon 


Kenneth Ratcliffe

Kenneth is Annelle's husband of 26 years of marriage. He is the Director of Media and Conference Services at Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center.  Kenneth loves to play and read stories aloud.  The children are very excited when he comes home for lunch daily!

Buddy is our Boston Terrier

Buddy gets the kids excited!  He loves to run and play with the children and snuggle up close in the play tent. He is extremely gentle and respectful of the children. They like to feed him and he always makes them laugh and giggle.
Family Child Care Home License
Annelle is in the process of getting a Family Child Care Home License from Haywood County, NC.  In the past Annelle's home has been licensed as a "Family Home" for special needs individauls through Easter Seals of NC.   Annelle also has her clean background check and clean NC driving record on file at  A Family Child Care Home can have 1-5 children from infant to preschool at any one time. 
Usually Annelle has 1-3 children at a time.

Rhythm of the day 
(of course early arrival and late departure are no problem as I'm open 24/7 to accomidate your unique work and social schedule)

6:30-8:30 am Arrival: Breakfast if needed and free play
9:00-10:00 Morning Nap or Preschool learning skills
10:00-12:00 out in community:
                      Parks, library, storytime , play dates, nature hikes, lakes, pool

                      or outside free play at Creative Care
10:30 snack
12:45 Lunch homemade Whole Foods 
1:30 Story Time
2:00-3:00 or 4:00 afternoon nap
                     (older kids 30 min quiet time on couch then outside free play time)
4:00 snack & outside free play
5:00-6:00 pick up, dinner if needed