Creative Care Services

I specialize in working with parents unique work schedules. I'm flexible about days and times so you can persue your career and spend as much time with your child as possible.

Creative Care by Annelle is open to care for your love ones 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you need full time care, morning play time, nap and afternoon, evening, overnight, or weekend care Annelle is always flexible to work with your unique schedule.

Community Outings
Mother's Morning Out
8am-12 pm daily.

Come explore our unique world and discover hidden treasures all around us! Nature is glorious and we spend as much time outside as possible in the 3 play yard at Creative Care by Annelle.

Having a few children at a time allows for easy access to the community. Annelle takes the children to the local parks, lakes, waterfalls, and libray. She will also take your child to any special classes you would like to sign up for, such as Kindermusik.

1 day week $160 Month
2 days week $288 Month
3 days week $384 Month
5 days week $560 Month
 Pick Up
 Peaceful Afterrnoon Care

Annelle can provide Pick up service from your  child's preschool. Lunch, afternoon nap or peaceful rest time and free outside play.

1 days week $200 Monthly
2 days week $360 Monthly
3 Days week $480 Monthly
5 Days week $875 Monthly

As Needed Drop In Care

                                         $10-$20 hour
Excellent professional care for your child whenever you need it. Snow days, shopping, date nights. I'm available 24/7

Pricing is Negotiable
depending on each families situation

Please call for inquiries Annelle Woggon 828-230-4270

Full Time Professional Intimate Care

Intimate family setting of 1-3 infant to Preshool children

Mornings are full of fun exploring my 3 outside play yards or the community to park, lakes, and streams and course the library for storytime. We usually arrive back to Annelle's home Creative Care by Annelle for a home cooked nutritious hot meal specially made for your child's diet. Story time, then quiet personal time or naps. We arise rested for play!

1 day week $360 Month
2 days week $684 Month
3 days week $864 Month
5 days week $1260 Month

These prices are a starting point. I'm willing to negotiate prices per family please call to discuss pricing options. 828-230-4270
Cloth Diapers & Potty Training
Specilizing in meeting your needs

Annelle will provide the cleaning of cloth diapers if you desire to use them.  She also will assist in potty training. You provide the extra clothes, diapers, bottles, and supplies and Annelle will care for your child to suit your needs.
Home Cooked Whole Foods
Full time care comes with healthy snacks and hot meals provided
Annelle has been cooking Gluten and Dairy free for many years now and also cooks vegetarian if you so desire.  She is very careful about cross contamination of food. ,  For part day services you can add Healthy meals for additonal fees of $50 month if desired.
Back-up, Snow Day, Vacation, and Summer care for all ages
Infant- Preschool $10-$13 hour 
School age $5-$8 hour

What better way to spend a hot summer day than in the pool at Lake Junaluska or in a cool mountain stream or swimming at Lake Logan under the beautiful mountains!  
Annelle takes daily outings to all these places and more!  Interaction of children of all different ages is the natural way to raise children.  They all learn from each other.   It's great on snowdays or holiday time from school when parents need to work to be able to know their in a safe, caring, creative enviromnet.  Don't forget ART EXPLORATION!  Annelle has been teaching art to children for over 25 years!  She has a children's art studio full of cool supplies and brimming with creative ideas!
Afterschool Care for 
School Age Children
$5-$8 hour depending on services

Annelle can pick up your child at school or they could ride the bus to Creative Care depending on the other children's needs that Annelle will be caring for that day.  Annelle has tutored many children in the past in basic math and reading skills and homeschooled her own children through Elementary school.  Of course there is ART, ART, ART! Annelle has over 25 years of art teaching experience and would love nothing better than to spend the afternoon creating art with your children.  Free outside play time is a must for growing bodies and Annelle has a perfect 1 acre safe yard with lots of flat play areas and gentle rolling hills. Children of all ages need each other to develpe important skills such as empathy,cooperation and learning to be considerate of others needs.  This is especially important for only children to be around others of differnt ages.