Building Gross Motor Skills

It's a lot of fun discovering nature, local parks & lakes through playing, swimming, climbing, running & sand sculpting. Following the rhythmn of our day in a safe and secure environment allows for the flexibility of following the child s lead in activities and exploration of community for free play!

Children are my top priority and saftey is my  number one concern.  I love children and interact with them on their terms. I follow the child's lead in activities but encourage exploration of the community and our beautiful mountains. My husband and I love to hike, camping and just enjoying nature. On weekends we take the children out together to explore nature or community event. They become part of our family!

Fine Motor Skills and Social Development 

Important Preschool Skills

Annelle engages children in learning opportunities all day long!

  It’s a great opportunity for the “only child” to have socialization in a mixed age group “family like unit." It teaches them lots of skills that normal child care and home life cannot. In addition to building their fine and gross motor skills in all kinds of inside and outside activities each day, Annelle makes lots of time for reading and preschool skills. She loves doing dramatic reading aloud and encourages the children to read books on their own. Counting and pre-math skills are taught daily. There are many skills of daily living and getting along with others that are also emphasized and rewarded with lots of praise!!!