Customer Testimonials

Creative Care by Annelle

“Annelle has been a nanny for our family since July 2014.  She has always been very
conscientious, trustworthy, and flexible in her dealings with us. She is very patient, caring,
and creative with the baby, as well as very patient with us - two sometimes stressed-out,
clueless new parents trying to find a balance in family and work. She has gone above and
beyond my expectations. Though she has her own ideas of what might work in caring for
the baby, she is at the same time very respectful of our wishes in how we want our daughter raised and tries to be consistent with what we are doing as much as possible. Though she
initially worked mostly with adults in a professional capacity, we felt her life's work of
caring for others would translate well to caring for an infant, and it certainly has. I would highly recommend Annelle for your family as well.”   
                                                                                        Melissa Medrona
"Annelle has watched both of our children for the past 2 years. She is honest, open, creative and trustworthy. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, that our kids were never bored with the variety of crafts, activities and education they received. Our son had struggled in daycare before we had met Annelle and the work she has done with him has transformed him and got him ready for preschool. Our younger daughter adores her and tells us every day what she and Nanny have done together. She exceeds our expectations of what a childcare provider offers and sets a high standard for what they should be." 

                                                                     Michael Sullivan
                                                                     Computer Specialist
  "Annelle is the most gifted child care provider I've ever encountered. She meets and loves children where they are and guides them to find what brings out their gifts and creativity. I highly recommend her."                 ​​
​                                                                                   Joslyn Schaefer
                                                                                   Rector mom
“Annelle has cared for my two children over the past two years, in that time too, I have seen my children blossom in her care.  She caters to the interest of each one in a structured way while providing a loving and supportive environment.  She is always mindful of the things I, as a parent, have taught my children and reinforces those principles when applicable.  The kids always look forward to their time with her.  She has become a part of our family and its routine.  I would without a doubt recommend her services to any parent looking for a little “me” time or having to go to work and looking for a safe supportive and loving environment for their child.”   
                                                               Kelley Lewis
“Our dear friend and Kindermusik supporter/attendee Ms. Annelle is wonderful! I can honestly say that there is just about no one that I would trust my child with more than her. She has the sweetest heart, genuinely loves the kids in her care, and is so creative about the time she spends with them!  She really is just an amazing person!” 
                                                                                   Leah Milan
                                                                                   Heartstrings Music Studio

"Annelle is the best nanny I know!  She is patient and kind and her wealth of experience and knowledge shows in everything she  does.  I would highly recommend Annelle for those looking for child care.  Anna just loves her!
                                                                           Ann Tucker Suggs
                                                                           Stonehouse Pottery